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Natural Alternative Protilizer Tips

Root shock is the primary reason plants perish when they’re first transplanted. It is also the leading reason customers return plants to the garden center for a refund. Natural Alternative® Protilizer® Seed & Plant Starter is rich in humic acid, kelp, mycorrhizae fungi and billions of proprietary beneficial microbes. These little powerhouses surround the roots to drastically reduce shock.

The biological activity around the zone begins immediately. Within 24 hours the roots are absorbing nutrients in a healthier soil environment with fewer pathogens. While some microbial strains help make phosphorus available, others release nitrogen for plant food. Our product is 100% organic and is OMRI® listed. Check out our Product Spec Sheet.

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Item #DescriptionSizeSold ByPrice
90060 Protilizer® .5 ounce Packet
30605 Protilizer 4 lb container Bottle
30600 Protilizer® 27lb container