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Lawn Fertilizers

Reduce the use of chemicals in your lawn and garden. All of our fertilizers are phosphorous free to help reduce water pollution and to protect our drinking water.

You can feel good about using our organic-based and natural products. They are safer, effective and affordable alternatives for our environment, our families and our pets.

Each Natural Alternative® lawn fertilizer is specifically formulated for the seasonal needs of your lawn. These products may be applied throughout the growing season, even to dry grass. Follow the instructions and avoid application when the temperature is over 90 degrees.

Full Programs

A full year's worth of fertilizers designed specifically for your lawn type.


Application 1 Early Spring 21-0-4

Help your lawn recover from winter weather.


Application 2 Late Spring 19-0-3

Grow thick, dark green grass without burning the leaf.


Application 3 Summer 7-0-2

Feed your lawn in the summer without burning the lawn.


Application 4 Fall 21-0-4

Crowd out weed seeds with a dense turf blanket.


Application 5 Winter 20-0-4

A winter application prepares the lawn for cold weather.


All Season Small Lawn Fertilizer 15-0-4

Ideal for Small Lawns of 1,000 square feet and less.


Natural Alternative® Inhibitor (19-0-8)

A perfect springtime fertilizer containing our crabgrass reducer material. (Not part of full programs).


Fall/Winter Internet Combo

Get your Fall & Winter fertilizer at a great price as featured in Mother Earth Living


Natural Alternative® Recuperator (7-10-4 with PGA)

The ultimate fertilizer for new lawns, freshly overseeded lawns, or areas recovering from past damage.